Hello + welcome to my blog.
My name is Keelie , I am 21 years oldI have just finished Uni and I am currently working in the fashion industry.

I love fashion and I am really into fashion photography ... Not long ago I started my own photography venture called 'Kreated by Keelie', this has enabled me to bring all my ideas to life. I am a people person, and this venture has allowed me to meet and collaborate with  all kinds of people, and to be quite frank I LOVE IT!

Random Fun Fact: This blog has undergone quite a few changes, in 2013 (when it all started) it was called 'Viva Le Chic' then I changed it to ' The Eighteens' and finally in 2015 'Keelie's Kloset' was born!

I have always kind of struggled with my style so I created this blog to document my progress, as you can see from the very beginning of my blog my style has definitely changed. See I have been venturing into different styles to find what mine is, and it's safe to say 4 years on I can confidently say I know what I like, what suits me and makes me comfortable, and I could sit here and tell you all about it, or you could just check out my latest posts and find out for yourself!


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