Hey guys, I know I have been away for a while but I just needed some time to get my life together before I could really commit to my blog. January has been a trial month for me, so my 2O16 technically began yesterday, so happy new year to everyone!lol
I am really not the one for long blog posts because if I am honest I don't like reading them myself, so I will try not too bore you with an essay of a post.

I have decided to stop setting new years resolutions because I never actually stick to them. I have decided to be more realistic and make monthly goals. I feel that setting monthly goals is way more realistic and easier to keep track of. 
I know this sounds a bit crazy but I feel that this month I just want to be a bit more selfish
not selfish in a bad way, but I just want to focus on really making the steps to really figure out what I want and what I need to do to get where I want to be. 

I keep saying that I want to detox my life but I haven't really been taking the steps to do it.
I have been feeling really apprehensive about talking about my religion (Christianity) on my blog, but since this is a reflection of my life, I feel that it is really important to share. I have just recently started to have a relationship with God, I have been a part time Christian for the past ten years or so, and I have only just recently decided that ,that is just not the way to live, so I decided to actually be a Christian full time.Looking back at it now, I never really was a Christian because I never actually did any of the things that would qualify as a Christian, its like I would say I was one if anyone asked but the way I was living showed otherwise. 

My very short journey with Christ has taught me that if you really commit to God all these other things like , finding yourself , your purpose, your job, uni etc. will fall in place.
Thus there is no need to worry about anything because all you need is God, once you put your trust in God everything will fall into place. I know I have said that twice already but its true.
Jesus + Nothing = Everything

I know this post is very different from my usual stuff but I hope you liked it,
if not c'est la vie! lol 

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  1. very inspiring! thank you for sharing this i can soooo relate x

  2. Well Happy New Year.It's not easy to talk about religion on a blog but it's very important because it's part of you.I think I'll start that too

  3. omg this posts resonates with me in so many ways, you have no idea. I recently also took a break of sorts from my blog, just to figure things out about myself, my relationship with Christ included! I deffo agree with what you said, when you commit to God things fall in place, but what I find the hardest is giving up my desires and just trusting that he knows best. 2016 has certainly been a roller-coaster for me so far as well :) Wish you the best on your journey with Christ xx

    1. thank you so much Marie, Gods got you too x

  4. Hi dear,
    thanks for coming to me... if you want we can follow each other! :)
    That’s amore


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